School Camps

School Camps

Here at Camp Wombaroo we understand that Primary School and Secondary School Camps coordinators will have different requirements and expectations.  Our staff will assist you in all aspects of program design and implementation, making the planning of your school camps program an easy and thorough process.

Schools choose from a number of set Primary or Secondary school camps programs, or, if you prefer, we can develop a program from scratch that caters for your specific requirements.

Camp Wombaroo school camps are typically between one and five days and are suitable for all ages and abilities. We offer a wide range of fun activities and outdoor education programs on and off site, such as:

  • Introduction to adventure programs
  • Orientation programs
  • Peer support / leadership programs
  • Camping programs (on site and off site options)
  • Adventure programs · Curriculum linked programs
  • Crossroads programs · SRC Leadership programs
  • PDHPE programs
  • SRC leadership programs

Working in partnership with you, we design individual programs that will support your your preferred learning outcomes and promote growth through experience for your students. We have long experience in developing sequential outdoor education and, with access to other OEG run sites, can offer programs that span from lower Primary right through to middle school and beyond – including dedicated Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey programs.

Sample Programs:

Sample Programs 1 night
Sample Programs 2 nights
Primary 2 night Program
Sample 3 Day Program
Sample 5 Day Program

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